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November 16, 2007



I've had that before! Its absolutely diving! Love your blog!!!

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I'm a vegetarian, thanks for the recipe my mother's wrath to prepare you for your information

Round and Brown

I'm a vegetarian, thanks for the recipe my mother's wrath to prepare you for your information

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A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart.


Many have tried and failed to stimulate isomeric isotopes into emitting high energy photons enough to serve as a gain medium and produce a coherent gamma ray beam that might serve as a laser for purposes civil and military. Princeton's Richard Wheeler surfaced the idea of matter-antimatter annihilation in positronium serving this purpose decades ago, but only now have electron-positron molecules been observed to condense into quantum states of technological use in applications as diverse as space propulsion and medicine.
Spin exchange quenching of molecular species containing antimatter may lead to stable Bose-Einstein condensates of materials like Dipositronium, making possible stored energy densities vastly higher than today's, and coherent emission at wavelengths short enough to image -- and 'optically' pump-- nuclear quantum states, yielding advances comparable to those stemming from the discovery of x-rays or nuclear magnetic resonance

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Tomatoes have many properties and vitamin and if you eat it frequently is sure you will see more beautiful because the tomatoes contain antioxidant that help the skin to stay young longer. In fact i read a blog some days ago and i knew all the properties of the tomatoes. That is why i talk to bases.

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