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April 14, 2007



Our vegan daughter is trying to find recipes that will make kale palatable. She knows it's really good for her, but it's bitter and the texture is "funny." If you don't mind, I will send her this link.


Hey - came across this posting from a google search of "sesame kale." Whole Foods carries a dish called "Emerald Sesame Kale," and the flavor is quite intense but very similar to your recipe. It's similar to your recipe, but I asked the man behind the counter, and he showed me how to make it.

Basically everything is the same except there is an additional ingredient: tamari (water, soybean, wheat salt). You put that in with the garlic before the kale goes into the pan at all. Tamari makes the dish have more of a concentrated sesame taste.

Moreover, he said that there is a little ginger in the dish, as well.

Chinese Traditional Recipes

Wow, the cooking way of this dish is great and easy to cook, I’ll try it later and I hope it tastes delicious. Just one suggestion: If you add some cooking pictures it will be easier to follow!


Maybe this is me talking nonsense, but it seems like Google isn't a company run strictly by the top and they seem to be doing quite well.

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The seeds have been the basis of Thai cuisine, Egyptian, Chinese and Japan for its beneficial properties, healthy, healing, nourishing and aromatic, and today hold a special place in our diets and therefore our way of life.

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