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December 10, 2005


Light & Dark

I'm really sorry to hear that he handled things so badly.

I'd say anger and wallowing are both on the agenda for the next little while. Unfortunately, your physical self will be out of whack for a while too, in addition to your emotional self. Take good care of yourself. The only way out is through, and you'll get there.

Here's wishing you some good zzzzzzzzz's.


(And congrats on the promotion!)


Bummer. No matter that you knew it wasn't a special relationship, it still hurts when it ends, especially when you probably should have done it first. Although I agree that it may have been dishonest not to tell you about the other woman, I would think that he wasn't obligated to until she called him last week and they got back together, so he's not a total cad. Men also tend to hold things back when they're not sure something's going to work out; he probably would have been willing to let it go a few more weeks except that you called him on it. People handle their hearts cautiously. What I'm saying is, is that you weren't being played for a fool, he was a decent sort and you shouldn't feel like you had made a bad decision being with him, it's just that the real closeness wasn't there and you knew it, and you hadn't yet gotten to the point of honesty with each other about that so that the relationship could have either changed or ended on a more mutually agreeable and pleasant note. This pain caused by deception is more than this relationship should have come to. You'll heal, and do take some time to feel your way through it. It hurts, I know, and I'm with you on that.


I am sorry this happened to you again. You are a good woman. Perhaps this is one more lesson on the road to true happiness for you. That might seem strange to hurt to eventually feel love, but I think pain ripens the inside-you so you are able to truely know when the One comes along. Count your lucky stars that you found out now and not later. Keep your wonderful heart open... that special "One" will come along when all the pieces are just right... and when you least expect it. BIG Hug sent your way!


Wendy - what Sallie wrote, plus this: it is very sad that J lost you -- a truly remarkable and talented woman. This is how I view it. It doesn't matter who broke it up, it's about who lost the most, and in my opinion, he did.
*hugs* One more thing: better to know all this now so that you're fully available and ready for Mr. Wonderful, who is hiding around a corner somewhere! :-)


sorry to hear. only now catching up with your blog. that bastard. this may sound cliche (don't know if ur gfriends told u this already), but u're a really, really special person and i'm very happy and glad to know u.

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