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May 15, 2005



Congrats on your race and the finish! Wish I had your energy... :-}


Good for you, Wendy1 One of these days I might try walking a bit...


congrats on a great run under challenging conditions!

Light & Dark

Ruh roh...

You've been seriously sucked in. You really didn't realise this first one was just a ploy?

I can already hear the conversation. "But you enjoyed the last one. Why wouldn't you want to come with me again? Maybe you could even drop your time a little!"

And so it begins :)

I'm like you - not a big fan of racing. But every once in a while, it's fun, and one way of comparing your fitness level year-to-year, if you tend to run the same couple of races each year.

If you did that whole 10k at race pace in a cold rain, no wonder you're a little pooped and stiff! Not being able to warm up properly wouldn't help either. What a delicious feeling of tiredness when it was time to find your pillow though, huh?

I've got a lot of respect for someone who'll race in conditons like that, when she's just doing it for fun and for a friend. A lot of people would have just begged off. Good on ya, as the Aussie's out here like to say.



Congratulations! The meal sounds like a great reward for a job well done.


I never mind being in the rain, as long as there's dry pants and hot food at the end. Not that I could do a 10 km run in any weather without dropping dead before the curry....


Thanks everyone ... it is a stellar day out there today ....it would have been perfect for a race!Weather is such a haphazard thing.


That's fantastic. I can't imagine running a 10k. My boobs would give me two black eyes if I tried to run that far...

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