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April 12, 2005



Oh, good. I was starting to worry that winter had eaten you.


What book was it? It sounds inspring, and I could use some inspiration along those lines!


Doh --"inspiring". My spelling has gone down the tubes!


I will keep my fingers crossed about the certification test. I am sure that you will do swimmingly!! Glad to see you posting again...

Best, Kimberley


The book is called 'The Butt Book' - it is by Tosca Reno - it is in affiliation with Oxygen Magazine - a monthly fitness magazine which is quite good - I've been buying it for a few years and finally started a subscription recently. The book is quite good - but not as good as seeing her in person. She looks amazing - for any age - but for 45 and 4 kids - especially so. Good Luck Ana.


Thanks Wendy, although I guess I have some other things to take care of before worrying about the butt!


And to provide the appropriate juxtaposition: I too went to a book signing, but it was by one of my favorite food authors, Ruth Reichl. All the more reason to need YOUR book in the near future!! Looking forward to hearing more as you move forward into spring, Wendy.


Hehehe, Well staying at Blogger didn't last to long. So went back to Typepad. You can laugh. This time I got very bold and got a domain for the site. And somehow I got to work too. I didn't know what I was doing. So the blog is now at www.thequietone.net Cathy

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