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April 27, 2005



Hey Wendy, although I don't go to the gym, I have recently adjusted my work schedule so I can exercise in the morning too, even just an extra half hour in the morning gives me enough time to take a walk...then I stay a bit later at work, then relax more in the evening after a hard day. I'm glad it is working for you too! (Since I am posting this late, chances are I will miss my workout tomorrow AM, but I can't seem to get up early EVERY morning, I do it 3 times a week maybe.) But I agree too, it def. keeps energy levels higher during the day :-)


I don't do the gym either but I was biking daily. I've recently begun to do so in the mornings and find I love it so much more. I don't like exercise so it gets it out of the way, and from everything I read, it's great to boost the metabolism. I need that. Glad you're enjoying it as well.

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