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April 12, 2005



I love this song and listen to it often...so gald to hear from you, glad things are going well. I have not been inspired too much lately either. But sounds like you are doing well and enjoying spring!


Love the song. Isn't it good that spring has arrived and we can get back to routine.


Isn't this song wonderful? I kept hearing it on the radio and they'd never say who it was singing it. After a fair amount of (frustrating) research on the internet, I finally learned who she was. I've listened to some samples from her upcoming CD and I'm very impressed. She makes me think of a combination of Alanis Moressette and Fiona Apple.


I remember reading about this song on tonya's blog. I will have to give it a listen!


I really like this song. That one line just sounds so tragic, yet beautiful as well. I love it.


what a beautiful song...it is incredible to me that such a young woman totally figured out the meaning of life..


Um... hi. I had just heard this song on the radio and that same line chilled me. I came home and wanted to find out who it was by and what not, so I typed in the line "But my God it's so beautiful when the boy smiles" along with the name, but nothing came up except a bunch of random sites and then this page. Not too sure what this page is, a journal or something, but I wanted to say thank you all the same. This has been on my mind for so long now and it was so convenient that you had all the words and everything all together and... well, yeah, thanks I guess. I guess I know to use Google from now on instead of aol. Sorry to bother you.


You are my savior! I have been searching for this song all afternoon to find the title so i could put it on my iPod! I typed in one line and it brought my to this sight and i found out who sang it and the title. My friend was sure it was Avril Lavigne, so i have been searching her lyrics all afternoon. Thanks so much, and I love the song too.


I love this song too!!! it helps me relax when something really goes wrong. It is really pretty and the words fit just right.


I think this is a beautiful song too. Just like many others, I typed the words "it is so beautiful when the boy smiles"... why is it that that single sentence gets us all in a weird way?
anyway, I was searching for this song yesterday, but I coulnt' find it since I thought it was Avil Lavigne singing. I am glad I did now. Thanks for this site!


Thank you so much! i was wondering all morning who sang that song so i could put it on my iTunes. It's such a great song and that same line all of you have talked about "and my god it's so beautiful when the boy smiles" i typed in too! its so weird yet amazing how we all typed in the same line, the one we keep hearing over and over in our heads. thanks once again!


This song is just great.I just spent 18mo at the base of fort bliss.i had the same drunk experiance there it got me away from my problem for awhile


Same here (what with typing in the lyrics). But I was just trying to make sure I had the title right. Turns out it 'is' Breathe.

There's just something so wonderfully deep about that line. I'm sure on several occasions I claimed it to be my all time favorite lyric. And I'd certainly say the same, now.


I absolutely love this song. It holds so much meaning, so much intensity...it really has inspired me.


Thanks so much for helping me find this song. I was searching on the internet for two days now and I finally got to this web site! The song is wonderful! It pulls on those heart strings we all have.


Hi, thank for posting. Great lyrics for her age. "Its so beautiful when the boy smiles" really jumps out of the song. I think first because her voice changes significantly and within a sort of bitter song you have a moment of beauty and we all picture someone we know smiling despite life's problems. That's what makes us all great is the ability to persevere and find humor and turn things around. Not quite cars on a cable but more like steamliners...not as poetic~


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