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March 13, 2005



Oh, I'd love to hear more about the Buddihst temple...do tell when you have some time!


Would love to hear more about the temple, too! Was it the one on Damen? Or the one down on Wisconsin? Am really wanting to check that out also. Please share more!


Buddhism seems very interesting! It's been 70+ degrees here so we're trying to figure out the weather too.


I'm with you, I hate the Gap commercials myself. They remind me too much of Old Navy, which I hate as well.

I've involved myself a great deal with Eastern religions and beliefs mingling ideas from each of them to create my very own hybrid of spirit. I do read a Buddhist Inspiration each morning. It's a wonderful way to wake up my brain, that and coffee of course. :o)


As a man who likes to spend about 10 minutes every 6 months shopping for clothes, I have to say both the Gap and Old Navy are godsends.

The commercials are another matter. I miss the SJP of Square Pegs, but I don't suppose anyone remembers that show.

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