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March 08, 2005



Very well written post. I sigh with you, ...grateful, that you pointed us to that beautiful site. Animals{mammals} are high creatures on our planet... each has there place. Each should be respected. It seems to me humans forget how much other mammals have taught us....grace being one. {Your dinner sounded yummy too, by the way.} Ahhhh comfort, what a word. ~Sweet Dreams and hugs your way!


Heavy sigh... not only do humans disregard animals we tend to disregard all living things beneath us from the large oceans, praries and mountains to the plant and animal life that is one with them. Why don't people understand this IS our existance, it is essential we too learn to be one with all of it.

It's sad to me that we can't even learn to be one with each other, how can we expect to become one with our life force?

It makes me hopeful that others see things as I do, perhaps sometime before we destroy ourselves, things will change ;o)



I was at a fundraiser for the Woodland Park Zoo last week, and Chris Johns (newly appointed Editor in Cheif for National Geographic) was the keynote speaker. He showed an incredible section of footage taken during a 2 week stint in South Africa photographing cheetahs. The camera man was actually filming Chris while he took shots of these magnificent animals. At the end of two weeks, one of the young males came all the way up to Chris' camera, nibbled on it a bit, then bent down and licked his hand, which was wrapped around the base of the tripod. All 300 people in that room had been holding their breathe, which you heard released in an ecstatic sigh of wonder. All is not lost - and there are many devoted to developing a better balance. I choose hope and active participation to create this reality!


RE: Chris Colbert's Snow and Ashes Exhibit in NYC

I saw the above exhibit in NYC this past weekend, the 9th. As soon as I entered the room, the place already put me in awe. The simplicity of the architectural elemnts complemented the serenity of the photos that were being exhibited. The music was so hypnotic while I slowly marched with the spectators watching the photos. This, to me, made me think that animals are not really below as (humans but rather in the same level as we are in some respect. Humans are dwarfed by the massive size of the elephants. They were so beautiful!. I had to buy the Photo book nad the big size of the pooster with the boy reading a book in front of the elephant.... It was awesome. Even better that there was no line up when we got to the exhibit. When we left, the line was so long that I really commend the peoples' patience.


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