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February 12, 2005



Oh yes, she was one of my favorites way back when. Oddly, I don't have any of her music and you've inspired me to seek some out.


Joni is a constant, I'll often choose one of her CD's to keep spinning in my car as I ride to work, a calming influence before the chaos of day begins. Her lyrics are often very relative to my own unspoken word.


Man, I love Joni Mitchell. Thanks for the post!


Bless you for linking to me - and I will now do so to you as well, because girl, you got game!

I just read your about section. One point you may have gleaned from my site is that I have recently expanded my world view to embrace the canine in addition to the feline. 4 cats and 1 small dog - and we're all in heaven. I couldn't encourage you more because 1) It's a totally different experience and you like new experiences 2) It's a bona fide ticket to meeting new people, especially other dog lovers 3) You're Canadian, and I have to say that Canada is much more dog freindly than the States.

BTW - Joni and Sarah are two of my absolute favorite female artists. I also suggest that you take a look at some of the heartwrenchingly beautiful lyrics written by Norah Jones, and in a more rock central style, Alanis Morisette. Also Carly Simon - who wears as well as Joni after all these years.

Do please stay in touch, and I am so pleased that you've rediscovered the power of Joni Mitchell.

Best, Kimberley

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