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October 07, 2004



The "let's just be friends" talks is indeed one of the most difficult conversations to have - it is kind of you to have it early in the relationship rather than let him think you are feeling something you are not.
I think you should always be with a "great" guy - but it is possible to find someone nice who also makes you weak in the knees . . .and do you really wish to settle for less?
And moreover would this "great" guy want to settle for someone who is not attracted to him?

In my opinion you did the right and brave thing - for both of you.


Very tough talk to have and you are very brave and principled. I would probably have let it drift for a while before having the courage to tell the truth about my feelings. Hope that you can remain friends and just see what happens.


If the chemistry is not there, then you are already no more than friends. I admire what you have done.


Thanks for your supportive comments everyone - too bad we couldn't always like everything that is good for us eh?


Hey Wendy...that's just the way it goes. I could send The Storm to Canada if you like?

Just kidding and letting you know it could be worse. You could be me!


Actually, I look for a friend first, then a relationship with him. But the chemistry must be there or it will never work as a marriage partnership. You, I am sure, knew full well what you saw ahead and saved both of you a lot of heartache later on. Men do expect more from a dating relationship, and that's where the mental anguish would have done you in.

Don't worry. "HE's" out there somewhere.

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