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June 03, 2004



I hadn't heard of the Brick, but will check it out. This passage you chose is exceptionally beautiful in its simple writing style and its complex food for thought and deeper meaning. Thanks for bringing it to the forefront.


Wow, that's some great writing. I'm going to look into getting a copy and I really hadn't heard of it before, so thanks for the tip.


I love The Brick. Glad you got yours and reminded me to get mine!


I love Brick--gave subscriptions to my best friends for Christmas last year. There's no definite article there, though--it's just "Brick."

My favorite issue so far has been #69, spring 2002. When I reached the end, I immediately started reading over again at the beginning. Thanks so much for reminding me of its existence--I just went to the site and signed up for the ten-year sponsor thingy.


Yes - you are right - it is just 'Brick' - thanks for the correction.

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