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May 18, 2004



Good one.


I love that song. I like most of Sarah's music actually. :-)


I love Sarah's music too. This one has a nice video that goes with it.


I got accused of posting too many sappy song lyrics recently, so I'm trying to avoid it, but this song has certainly caught my attention lately. No doubt about it, love often makes us stupid.


Intense lyrics -- I don't think I've heard that song yet, even though I'm a fan Sarah McL.'s music.


the video "stupid" was the best i ever saw in my life wow i keep on watching it over and over again its that good!!

dennis "ro"

well,i don't think i'm any good to judge anything with comes through SARAH M.but still i found it the most odd video ever done by her ,which also turns out so great.keep it up,sarah.



Hi, yeah we know that the song is fantastic! :) but I'm more concerned about finding out who the babe is in the filmclip ;)....anyone know?


Umm...the babe in the "Stupid" video? It's Sarah. She's the one in both the renessance era and in the 60s-70s era who is "stupid" for falling victim to her urges for having an affair with the younger man.


lol yeah i know that the singer is sarah mclaughlin, but I was referring to the guy..the one that she falls for...and he has gorgeous eyes :)


This song is absolutly gorgeous!! It is by far one of my all time favorites!! My dance team and I have just recently started dancing to it! The dance is awesome..and has soo much emotion and truth to it! This song fits being in love sometimes to a "T"!




I think Sarah M is brilliant.. ive been listening to her music for 10 years now and i really hope she keeps making new music cuzz if she doesnt we will all be so sad!!


I love sarah m she is so freakin deep

xx. Maddie

Well it just goes to show us that men like that are really out there! This song probly spoke out to millions of girls but specially me. LOVE YOUR MUSIC SARAH!


The dance version of this song is absolutely incredible! XMRADIO is playing it regularly and it ROCKS!!


This reminds of my ex...and someone else who "loves" me..? :-/


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