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May 20, 2004



i just listened to this sample on iTunes...do you have any complete albums of hers and if so, would you recommend any? i am searching for new music and voices and i like hers...thinking of buying a whole album of her stuff if you recommend it?


'Songs For Clem', which I think she recorded at home, is great - it was made as a gift to her father, but later it was released. 'You Were Here' is great too.


Yup, I concur with Bob - I think she is wonderful. I have You Were Here and love it. I will buy her new album soon as I get off my butt.


thanks for these suggestions...i will check them all out and surely buy some...i really like her sound.


this is so silly, but i heard that song on the radio, my local radio station is really awesome, but i always managed to miss this singer's name. so, i was online today and searched, "i almost dialed your number and lyrics" and found your site, and her name! praise GOD! anyway, so, i just wanted to thank you, because without your site, i would not have found her or her cd -- calling the radio station and saying, "hey what's that song, "i almost dialed your number..." just didn't seem right. anyway, thanks.


WOW! I need to pick a song that i could sing really well for my music lessons and guess what song i chose? ALMOST BY SARAH HARMER! this song is sooo beautiful and easy to sing! YAY SARAH YAY!


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