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January 08, 2004



i agree-- nutritional menu at a fast food restaurant? like i really wanna know!
did you happen to see this news item?:

where the boy gets himself stuck in a toy game at a super market... too funny


I read the news link above - oh lord! I hope he's learned his lesson ... wanna bet there is a law suit?


So Wendy, can I look for food recipes from you?


We indulge so seldom in fast food, that I actually enjoy MacDonald's as a treat!


I must say, we don't have a McDonald's here in Bim, but I still didn't feel the need for a Big Mac when I visited my sis in Canada in 2004, because she's a great cook, and there are other restaurants that serve great food up there, so there was no real need for fast food.

Though I was a Tim Horton's addict, coffee and a doughnut. Everyday.


Andrew - what recipes are you looking for - let me know and I'll try to help. Dale - I'm a Tim Horton's addict as well - for hte coffee! Whane were you in Canada? What city?


My sis lives in St. Catherines, I'll be up again in August I believe... And after Timmy's I want to hit Mandarin's :)


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