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December 04, 2003



I am pretty much down in the bottom right corner of Idealism and Autonomy. I guess the only thing that suprises me about that is I also care very much about Harmony... or whatever the upper right quadrant was called. I guess for me Harmony has to spring from Autonomy. It can't be legislated or authoritarian. Great quiz. I'll have to follow your link to more details about the results.


That was fasinating Wendy. The results that follow are what it showed about me. I think it is accurate. I have some more reading to do here. Thanks and hugs back... as always you open door for me; you are a blessing!

My diagnosed quadrant:
Idealism & Autonomy

Fundamental Motivations and Values:
Personal Control
Question Authority (not sure about this one maybe I do)
Global Consciousness
Adaptability to Complexity

Key Characteristics:
Self-reliant and in control of their own destiny
Idealistic and open-minded
Rejecting out-dated norms and institutions
Flexible Families


I am also idealism and autonomy. Why would anyone want to be anything else? ;)

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