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October 15, 2003



I am finally willing to admit I am an ESFJ as much as I hate to!


Oh man, I was going to post about enneagrams and here you did. I have had a book recommended to me, Understanding the Enneagram by Riso and Hudson. I took their online test (http://www.enneagraminstitute.com/) and tied for a #2(helper) and #9(peacemaker). Talking to a counselor friend of mine, I have been affirmed as a 2. I forget what my MB came out to be. Borderline EI but more of an I. INFP or INFJ? I will go take it again, now I am curious.


hey!!! i'm an ESFJ, too ;)


Okay, this said I was an ENTJ. I must be in some kind of overanalytical mood because that isn't what I have gotten before. Maybe it is just the MBTI for the dominant personality in my set right now :) At least the N is the same.


just posted my test results. glad you brought this up again. it does feel like ages ago! :-) k


ENTP--almost totally opposite you :) I've been meaning to post about this on my blog for a while, too!


I love finding out what types you all are!

James the Great

I'm E3w2 and ENTP.

Anyone wanna talk about either the MBTI or Enne, email me at WWJD_Dingo@cox-internet.com
I have TONS of sites, and are more than happy to share!!

~ James

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